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Super excited to check out Wendell & Wild on Friday! I created this quick piece for The Poster Posse's tribute. I love stop motion and this looks gorgeous—but I can’t deny I’m ALL about that adorable little goat we glimpse in the trailer!

Couldn’t be more excited to play Starfield or happier to have had the chance to create an official piece for Bethesda! My illustration is inspired by the insignia of Constellation, the organization in Starfield committed to unlocking the mysteries of the galaxy. Can’t wait to explore it myself and see what’s out there. 🚀

Thanks to Starfield and The Poster Posse for this blast of a gig!

So excited to share my poster for the Alternative Movie Posters 30x30 1992 show!

This movie is one that spoke to me even as a child. I must have been 8 or 9 when I first saw it. A quiet, slow, literary film that made me feel nostalgia for a place and time outside my own. (If you haven’t seen it, do.)

A limited run of prints were available through AMP for one week. (The blue version--- I will be offering other colorways later on through my shop.)

Click below to see all four colorways of my poster.

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