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I am beyond excited to share the first installment in my officially licensed trilogy series for The Lord of The Rings, in collaboration with Vice Press! The Fellowship of The Ring regular version (in blue) is available as a limited TIMED edition lithograph for one week only.

Anyone purchasing this first release in the series will also get first dibs on the next releases as and when they happen.


The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - Regular (in blue)

Timed Edition From 1pm EST 23rd May to 1pm EST 29th May

24x36 inches

Hand Numbered Fine Art Lithograph

£39.99 / $50

The FOIL variant (in sepia brown)

Limited Edition of 150

24x36 inches

Hand Numbered Fine Art Lithograph

Printed On Mirri Silver Foil Paper.

£49.99 / $65

BTW: The other two print installments are in the pipeline, as I designed the trio simultaneously to work well as a set. (All the concepts were approved at the same time.)

Two Towers artwork is at the final approvals stage, and Return of The King's painting is underway. So if you like what you see here, take advantage of the timed edition and don't miss your chance to complete the full set.

Hopefully, you'll enjoy what's coming next just as much...

I experienced the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse with my husband from a vantage point of a hill on a snowy golf course at Spruce Peak in Stowe, Vermont. 

I found the 2 minutes and 51 seconds of totality incredibly overwhelming. 

It was surreal, like a dream.

It was like staring at impending death and surviving.


I didn’t feel small like I thought I would. I felt temporary, and witness to something miraculously unlikely. It was without a doubt the most astonishing thing I have ever experienced. 

I could not have predicted the feelings it elicited---I laugh/cried through the whole thing, my hands intensely shaking. To see the moon temporarily transform into a virtual black hole felt terrifyingly primal. In my mind's eye, my memory of the scene drones with infinite void.


Viewing the corona and solar prominences with my naked eyes felt startlingly intimate. To stare at something normally forbidden to the human gaze felt unsettling, but I couldn't look away. I have no idea if the stars came out or not, because my focus was on Sun and Moon and Venus, the stars of our personal planetarium show from a hilltop.


I'm not one for worship, but after this encounter I feel compelled to give proper deference to the Sun as creator and destroyer of life. I bow down to her majesty, and to the Moon's as well.

I couldn’t have dreamed of a better once-in-a-lifetime moment, but we didn’t have a single photo that captured all the components of the scene as I remember it (the vibrant colors, the subtle light, the eclipse itself and its overall scale over the landscape). My husband and I had recorded a few iPhone videos during totality but had not taken still photos of the scene itself.

As an illustrator, I experience the world through images. As a human with a fallible memory, I rely on images to remember my life. I needed to create the ultimate visual cue that captured all the aspects of our particular moment as I remember it feeling.

So I extracted multiple frames from our videos filmed during totality and reassembled and merged them to depict the fuller landscape all in one image. Then I did a bit of painting to the sky, replaced our blown out eclipse ring with a photo of the eclipse as photographed in Stowe by someone with a better setup than us, and tweaked the color and lighting to better reflect how I recall it all looking.

I think this photo/painting/collage/composite is a close approximation of what the experience felt like to me. (I've included a before and after process image for reference).

It’s an art piece, so it's not 100% accurate, but it’s emotionally true and it will help me forever remember that feeling of astounded awe.

While I understand totality chasers, I had such an unexpectedly perfect first time experience that as of right now, I don't have the impulse to seek another.   





PROCESS: Here’s a look at how my officially licensed Sonic 2 prints came to life (available now from Moor-Art Gallery!)

This piece began as a VERY special team up with my husband (Adam Hunter Peck), who is both a trained illustrator and a Sonic fan! We were discussing Sonic ideas that I might pitch to the gallery, and he scribbled out a quick pencil thumbnail as we brainstormed.

I immediately knew I would have a lot of fun developing the composition into final artwork! With his enthusiastic support, that’s precisely what I did.

I immediately got to work gathering the references that I would need to build out the image. From there I started piecing things together, painting over low res sprites and in-game screenshots, and fine tuning the color palette. I wanted it to feel like the game without being a literal depiction. Plenty of artistic license was taken as I brought it together in my own style.

I knew I’d like to try to create a color variant as well, but then it occurred to us that we could even have a genuine Sonic Variant—by incorporating Super Sonic and his distinct gold color and flying pose!

I loved collaborating on this idea with my husband, and I hope he’ll join me again on a future piece someday. Cheers to teamwork! ❤️

Purchase at

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