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So pleased to share my contribution to the ON THE SHEET poster project, where artists were invited to create a piece for their own character in this imaginary film. Thank you so much to those involved in putting this group effort together, including @sg_posters for organizing and @kino_maniac for her idea that started it all!

Check out all the artists involved:

It's been a long time coming, but I am so happy to finally check this one off my wishlist. In celebration of The Muppet Christmas Carol's 30th Anniversary AND the restoration of my favorite scene, "When Love is Gone," I poured my heart into a poster for what I consider the best Christmas film of all time. Merry Christmas!

Super excited to check out Wendell & Wild on Friday! I created this quick piece for The Poster Posse's tribute. I love stop motion and this looks gorgeous—but I can’t deny I’m ALL about that adorable little goat we glimpse in the trailer!

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