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A one day convention on November 4, 2023 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Jacob Bannon, Sarah Deck, Jason Edminston, Calvin Laituri, CA Martin, Dan McCarthy, Gary Pullin, Rucking Fotten, JD Richard, Greg Ruth, Matt Ryan Tobin

One of those names is not like the others! (CA Martin?!? Who's that?)

I'm feeling big time imposter syndrome right now. But when you're invited to join a group of your art heroes for a little poster convention happening in your next of the woods, you don't say no---you say HECK YES and thank you very much. <3

Had a lot of fun creating my contribution to the community fan art project “THROUGH THE SPIDER-VERSE,” where each participating artist draws someone spidey within the multiverse. For my tribute, I chose Spider Gwen. Gwen/Ghost Spider is just so darn cool and I LOVE the vibe that Hailee Steinfeld brings to the character. I look forward to seeing her reunite with Miles’s Spidey in Across The Spider-Verse. 🤩 Many thanks go to Royalston Design for organizing and hosting this project for us all. 🙏🕷️❤️

When I got the invitation to create an official poster for Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 3, I immediately watched the trailer on YouTube and read through all the comments. I was overwhelmed by the joy, excitement, enthusiasm, and emotion emanating from the fans. I wanted to make something for them—something simple and iconic, and bursting with genuine love for these characters. My sincerest thanks go to @jamesgunn, @theposterposse, and @marvelstudios for the opportunity to celebrate the family we choose. ❤️

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