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Today marks the 25th Anniversary of the release of Ocarina of Time! It was the first Zelda game that I played (I think I was 14?). I have so many lovely memories of riding through Hyrule, fishing, and flying around with chickens. I eventually got to a part in the game that I couldn't get past, so I've never played it all the way through. But it'll always be near and dear to my video-game loving heart!

I've created an 18x24 variant to compliment my screenprint version, as I did for my Breath of The Wild poster.

On November 4th, I’ll be hanging out in Cambridge, Massachusetts from 12-6pm at @massminicon (1950 Mass Ave, near Porter Square). $10 cash entry fee at the door, so come prepared!

I’ll be selling remaining inventory of 3 screenprints, my giclées will be available to order from my catalog book, and my full printed portfolio will be on hand if you want to see any of my work in person.

All screenprint and giclee orders placed at my table during the event will receive a set of Interstellar 5x7 screenprinted/embossed handbills, while supplies last.

For those of you at home, be sure to stop by my online shop and check out the special giclée prints which will be available for a short time.

This week marks the 6th Anniversary of the release of Assassin’s Creed Origins.

Last year, I was commissioned by Nautilus Art Prints in partnership with Ubisoft to create an officially licensed screenprint for the game.

My husband and I jumped at the excuse to play it together for the first time last summer. I watched, he played, and then I got to work.

Unfortunately, the screenprint release is in limbo and is unlikely to come to fruition. But we enjoyed playing the game, which we both turned out to love. Hopefully that love comes through in my poster.

It was designed as an 11 color screenprint, with a metallic gold grid overlay based on the grid pattern seen in the game’s menu screen. Blue regular, purple variant.

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