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I am absolutely thrilled to have been asked to create an official piece for Ahsoka! She is an incredible character and Rosario Dawson is impeccably cast. I am counting the days to the show’s two episode premiere! Thanks to The Poster Posse and Disney Plus for another fantastic opportunity to celebrate my love for the Star Wars universe!

It was truly an honor to be invited to create an official illustration for Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny! Thanks go to LucasFilm and The Poster Posse for such a fun opportunity—it means a lot to me. Can’t wait to see the adventure for myself—I’ve got tickets for tomorrow night!

A one day convention on November 4, 2023 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Jacob Bannon, Sarah Deck, Jason Edminston, Calvin Laituri, CA Martin, Dan McCarthy, Gary Pullin, Rucking Fotten, JD Richard, Greg Ruth, Matt Ryan Tobin

One of those names is not like the others! (CA Martin?!? Who's that?)

I'm feeling big time imposter syndrome right now. But when you're invited to join a group of your art heroes for a little poster convention happening in your next of the woods, you don't say no---you say HECK YES and thank you very much. <3

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