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 Please read all the info below BEFORE contacting me about a project,

otherwise feel free to get in touch!



I am interested & available for official freelance illustration work including:


• licensed prints

• movie posters

• illustrated key art

• Blu-ray covers

• steelbooks

• box art /packaging

• book covers 

• magazine covers

• editorial portraits

• album covers

• gig posters

Info, rates and my inquiry form are below.​

I am also available for private group commissions for alternative movie posters.


Please Note:

I do not offer personal art commissions.

I do not work on self-published books. 

I do not give permission for my unofficial artwork to be reproduced in any form.


My work is hand drawn, digitally painted illustration.

I am interested in official work from film companies, print galleries, movie distributors and packagers, agencies, book publishers, entertainment magazines, and more. I am also available for private group commissions for alternative movie posters. 



I am seeking projects with a budget of at least $1500. My fees are negotiable dependent on the actual specifics of the project, so if your budget is close to my targets listed below, we should be able to agree on a fair rate for both parties.

Ballpark fees:

My estimated rates for illustration work typically range from $2k - $9K+, entirely dependent on the complexity and scope of the project, the size of the client, the IP, the timeline, and the final usage of the artwork. My rates below include creation fee AND usage fee.

My ballpark fees for illustrated steelbook/physical media cover art:

• Front-only cover art: $1500 - $4K 

• Front & back cover: $3K - 5K+ 

My fee for illustrated book cover art starts at $2500. 

My fee for a private group poster commission ranges from $2K - $2500, plus a minimum of 10 Artist Proofs from the print run. 


I typically require a minimum of three weeks turnaround time for final art on all projects. 

I anticipate a few days for sketches, a few days for revisions, and a few weeks to execute final art.


If these terms are agreeable and you have at least one month lead time, please get in touch via the inquiry form below.


Please note:

• I am generally not available for extremely fast turnaround posters (less than two weeks).

• My realistic and accurate character likenesses rely on solid references, so I may not be right for projects that do not have visual assets to draw from.

• I do not create photo manipulation key art.

• I do not work from AI generated ideas or comps.

• Please do not provide any AI images as references or I will decline/exit the project. 

If you want a hand drawn/painted illustrated poster like the work seen in my portfolio, please get in touch.

Freelance Form

To hire me for official / licensed projects:

Using the form below, please include a brief description of your project, general details about your vision for the project, your budget and timeline, as well as whether there will be a formal work-for-hire contract in place. Including this information in your initial inquiry is necessary to determining my interest and the feasibility of the request. Please know any initial project details you provide here are considered confidential by default.

Please also clarify what assets will be available to the illustrator (i.e., movie trailer, full film, production stills). My rate is based on the complexity of the project and quality of the reference assets I have to work from. 


Thank you for your inquiry.
Your message has been sent.

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