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- official movie posters, key art, album covers, gig posters, steelbooks, and cover/box art, please read the "About My Work" section below and then use the inquiry form at the bottom of this page.


- officially licensed gallery work

- published book covers 

- editorial portraits & magazine illustrations

- traditional children's publishing projects

- private group commissions for alternative movie posters

please email me directly at camartinart@gmail.com

I do not offer personal commission drawings or paintings. 

I do not work on self-published book projects. 


My work is hand drawn, digitally painted illustration. I am interested in professional licensed work from film companies, galleries, book publishers, and I am available for private group commissions for screenprinted alternative movie posters. With very few exceptions, I do not take on personal commissions or projects that stray too far from the pop culture realm.

My skills are best suited to moderate/long-term turnarounds (three weeks or more), and moderately sized budgets. My fee for official work starts at $550 and goes up to $5K+, depending on the complexity of the project and scale of the project. My fee for a private group poster commission averages around $2K.


My work takes adequate time to render, so I am generally not available for extremely fast turnaround posters (less than two weeks). My realistic and accurate character likenesses rely on solid references, so I may not be right for projects that do not have visual assets to draw from. In cases where adequate references are not available, a less realistic, more illustrative style may still be possible. My background is in children's illustration, and I am able to work in a variety of styles. 


I do not create photo manipulation keyart.

If you want a hand drawn/painted illustrated poster like the work seen in my portfolio, please get in touch.


For official or licensed projects:

Using the form below, please include a brief description of your project, general details about your vision for the project, your budget and timeline, as well as whether there will be a formal work-for-hire contract in place. Including this information in your initial inquiry is necessary to determining my interest and the feasibility of the request. 

Please also clarify what assets will be available to the illustrator (i.e., movie trailer, full film, production stills). My work relies on photo reference and my rate is based on the complexity of the project and quality of the reference assets I have to draw from. 

You can also contact my agents at

MEOKCA / Poster Posse 

if you'd like to discuss an official movie poster project.


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