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PROCESS: Here’s a look at how my officially licensed Sonic 2 prints came to life (available now from Moor-Art Gallery!)

This piece began as a VERY special team up with my husband (Adam Hunter Peck), who is both a trained illustrator and a Sonic fan! We were discussing Sonic ideas that I might pitch to the gallery, and he scribbled out a quick pencil thumbnail as we brainstormed.

I immediately knew I would have a lot of fun developing the composition into final artwork! With his enthusiastic support, that’s precisely what I did.

I immediately got to work gathering the references that I would need to build out the image. From there I started piecing things together, painting over low res sprites and in-game screenshots, and fine tuning the color palette. I wanted it to feel like the game without being a literal depiction. Plenty of artistic license was taken as I brought it together in my own style.

I knew I’d like to try to create a color variant as well, but then it occurred to us that we could even have a genuine Sonic Variant—by incorporating Super Sonic and his distinct gold color and flying pose!

I loved collaborating on this idea with my husband, and I hope he’ll join me again on a future piece someday. Cheers to teamwork! ❤️

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