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An Adventure 65 Million Years in The Making

Updated: Feb 21

Sincere thanks to Vice Press for working with me on my debut licensed prints for Jurassic Park, which comes out this Thursday, February 22 at 1pm EST, at!

I'm tremendously grateful that my first gallery experience has been with Vice Press, because Matt Ferguson and James Henshaw have been a pleasure to work with. Matt was integral in pushing me to get closer to what I envisioned for this poster and after what felt like 65 million years of painting leaves and clouds, I'm so pleased with where this ended up. I truly appreciated having an artist I respect provide art direction that improves my work, as so much of what I do is created in isolation with little creative feedback. I would not have gotten here on my own.

It is a dream come true to have an official poster for one of my favorite movies (and my husband's absolute all-time favorite)! We can't quite believe it!


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