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My husband and finished playing The Last of Us Part 2 late last night. Well, I mean...I did my part by watching him play.

I'm very grateful that I get to watch these games unfold but don't have to partake in the stress of playing them myself. We really, really liked the wild ride, despite not being at all in the mood for a dismal, violent story right now. Probably not the only piece of fan art I'll be making for it. There are some beautiful scenes to dig into...

Illustrator John Rocco moderates a ZOOM conversation about space and books, featuring Nasa Astronauts/authors Scott Kelly and Mike Massimino. There may or may not be a brief mention of my SPACEMAN cover art! (Thanks, John!)

View the entire event archived on YouTube, here.

Be sure to check out the young reader adaptation of SPACEMAN (cover art by me 😊).

Here is my latest screen print for one of my favorite sci-fi movies of recent memory: Arrival.

It was created as a privately funded group commission. As such, 20 of the 50 prints are already in the hands (and hopefully on the walls) of the original group members. That leaves me with 30 prints (and a few APs) remaining. I have been debating with myself whether I want to release these prints to the public at such an uncertain and financially challenging time, but I've decided to do so anyway.

Hopefully I can sell a few of these and give some business to the United States Postal Service which is so important to me and my ability to sell my wares. If you don't buy my print maybe consider picking up a book of stamps online at USPS is an amazing service and I consider myself very fortunate to have it. We must ensure its survival any way we can.

Thank you for your support.

Stay well, hope, and keep busy.



8 color screen print on Neenah Stardream Crystal paper

Signed and numbered limited edition of 50

Printed by VGKids

$110 shipped within the US (sorry, no international)

Ships insured, rolled with craft paper and tissue in 4" Yazoo tube

To purchase: visit

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