I was super duper thrilled to have had the chance to team up with The Poster Posse and Disney+ to create an illustration promoting Muppets Now, the new Disney+ series that debuted on July 31st. The Muppet fanart campaign featured artwork by Poster Posse artists Luke Butland, Andy Fairhurst, Sam Gilbey, Cristhian Hova, Tom Miatke, Matt Needle, and myself. Check out all the Muppet fun on The Poster Posse's site.

Pepe has been one of my personal favorite Muppets since he joined the crew in the 90s, so it was very meaningful to me to get to celebrate the charming chaos of this lovable guy.

You can watch “Pepe’s Unbelievable Game Show” as part of Muppets Now, streaming on Disney+!

My husband and finished playing The Last of Us Part 2 late last night. Well, I mean...I did my part by watching him play.

I'm very grateful that I get to watch these games unfold but don't have to partake in the stress of playing them myself. We really, really liked the wild ride, despite not being at all in the mood for a dismal, violent story right now. Probably not the only piece of fan art I'll be making for it. There are some beautiful scenes to dig into...

Illustrator John Rocco moderates a ZOOM conversation about space and books, featuring Nasa Astronauts/authors Scott Kelly and Mike Massimino. There may or may not be a brief mention of my SPACEMAN cover art! (Thanks, John!)

View the entire event archived on YouTube, here.

Be sure to check out the young reader adaptation of SPACEMAN (cover art by me 😊).


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