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Updated: May 23

I am beyond excited to share the first installment in my officially licensed trilogy series for The Lord of The Rings, in collaboration with Vice Press! The Fellowship of The Ring regular version (in blue) is available as a limited TIMED edition lithograph for one week only.

Anyone purchasing this first release in the series will also get first dibs on the next releases as and when they happen.


The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - Regular (in blue)

Timed Edition From 1pm EST 23rd May to 1pm EST 29th May

24x36 inches

Hand Numbered Fine Art Lithograph

£39.99 / $50

The FOIL variant (in sepia brown)

Limited Edition of 150

24x36 inches

Hand Numbered Fine Art Lithograph

Printed On Mirri Silver Foil Paper.

£49.99 / $65

BTW: The other two print installments are in the pipeline, as I designed the trio simultaneously to work well as a set. (All the concepts were approved at the same time.)

Two Towers artwork is at the final approvals stage, and Return of The King's painting is underway. So if you like what you see here, take advantage of the timed edition and don't miss your chance to complete the full set.

Hopefully, you'll enjoy what's coming next just as much...


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