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Bye Etsy, Hello

After 11 years on Etsy, I finally made the move to sell my abstract paintings and prints directly through my own website. Since becoming an Etsy seller in 2011, the site has grown so large that visibility without exorbitant advertising is virtually non-existent. Coupled with the recent 30% increase in selling fees from 5% to 6.5% on top of their other transaction fees, I decided the time is right to go it alone.

I'm very proud of the quality of my abstract paintings and giclée prints and I am quietly shipping out doodle orders when I'm not illustrating. I know my abstract art is a world away from my pop culture illustration work, but they are both very important to me and I hope to be able to grow my doodle audience and continue to bring in passive income from my paintings so that I can comfortably focus on my illustration work.


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