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I had a blast coming up with an illustration to celebrate the first Indiana Jones film. Capturing Indy and Sallah peering into the Well of Souls seemed the perfect symbolic moment of discovery, curiosity, and adventuring into the unknown---everything the Indiana Jones films represent to me. I wanted my poster to integrate the title and credit block organically into the illustration, and thought it would be fun to add some easter eggs in the hieroglyphs on the tomb wall.

Thanks to Tom at @dropmagofficial for inviting me on DROPCAST to chat about my illustration work and our mutual passion for movie posters! I really enjoyed myself. Watch or listen to the full interview on YouTube.

Here are the timestamps for the various topics we discussed:

0:00 - Intro

1:40 - Speed Round of Questions

5:18 - Zelda Posters

9:50 - Spaceman Book Cover

12:43 - Space Movies (Contact)

16:55 - Titanic

22:00 - About me

27:18 - My young art & old fan art

32:59 - My children’s illustration experience

35:41 - How I got into posters

40:48 - My favorite movies (Practical Magic, Amelie, Lord of The Rings)

42:57 - Movies I am excited for

44:16 - The last movie I saw

47:32 - My favorite prints & my print collection

1:06:17 - My home

1:12:54 - What I am working on

1:15:33 - Living with Lyme Disease

1:17:00 - My work outlook and process

1:20:55 - My process

1:29:35 - Works in progress

1:35:40 - My favorite classical artist

1:37:09 - Advice

1:40:53 - Shout outs & final words

The Poster Posse is pleased to share our latest passion project… “See me, hear me…” For this project we were asked to create a playlist and an album cover to accompany it. View all the artwork and listen to our playlists here.

For my contribution, I created a primarily instrumental spacey themed mix of some of my favorite tracks with a cosmic feel.

So grab your space suit and float away for a while...

PLANETOID | My Spotify Playlist

Featuring tracks by


Dexter Britain

Elephant Music



...and more!

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