I had the amazing opportunity to create a poster for Mulan as part of the Poster Posse's latest collaboration with Disney. As a huge fan of the original animated film, I've been looking forward to seeing this live action version since the trailer sent shivers down my spine months ago. It was a privilege to get the chance to celebrate this inspiring character.

You can see my poster and all the other Poster Posse contributions on the official Mulan Instagram as well as the Disney Studios Instagram (and Twitter accounts).

Disney’s Mulan is available to stream now on Disney Plus with Premier Access.

I recently created a new illustration for inclusion in the Tugeau 2 agency’s annual catalog.

My Breath of the Wild screenprint has been sold out for a while now but I still get inquiries about it from hopeful folks looking to snag a copy I may have hidden deep in the flat file. Unfortunately, the screenprint really truly is completely sold out and will never be available again.


I decided to revisit the art and release it as this special edition giclée print, with a new subdued color palette at a smaller 18x24 size.

You can purchase this "Memories of Hyrule" print ($80 + tax) in my shop.


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